Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Steve Angello - How To Fake Your Fans ... pre-recorded live DJ set

Maybe the picture is Steve struggling to get a mix together? .....

Watch the video below to see how Steve Angello (world class, A list DJ) fakes a DJ set live at Dance Valley. He may as well ask the soundman to press play in the background and him just not bother turning up. Personally I learnt to mix with Vinyl, skipped CDJs and now use a wide variety of things to make live sets with controllers, touchOSC and a laptop (opens up a world of possibility) ... you can debate whatever you want on that but I've never tried to make out I'm doing something I'm not.

It's nothing new though really, heard lots of rumours about big name DJs doing the same thing. Shame when so many bedroom DJs will be spinning better!

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