Monday, 8 August 2011

Artist Feature - Luminaire

Usual Monday morning checking through emails and found a message for the blog with some new music and after not hearing any for a while ... we were sent some french house! Not got much to say about Luminaire as his email was literally just 3 soundcloud links (surefire way to get most people to delete as spam I know) but checking it out paid off!

Here's 3 wicked tracks (2 originals and 1 remix) by the English producer and all are FREE DOWNLOAD!

- Bit French download click here
- Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Luminaire Remix) download click here
- Airborne download click here

  Bit French by Luminaire

  Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Luminaire Remix) by Luminaire

  Airborne by Luminaire

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