Wednesday, 24 August 2011

UNRELEASED || Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers

As of yet unreleased - here is the new Deadmau5 track 'Professional Griefers'. I saw him producing this and demoing the track on 'ustream' a short while back. Super fat synth and bass sounds follow an epic chord progression. Think sci fi action gaming hooks over that well loved Deadmau5 beat. Enough rambling check the video!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ell-Er Mix Session 15/8/11

Ell-Er has given his live set the backseat and is churning out some awesome techno DJ sets each week with his new Traktor based DJ set up. Check out his latest offering on Mixcloud below, which features his own productions and lots of new stuff.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || Nero - You And Me (Hatiras Bootleg Remix)

Found this on House Planet's twitter page today and thought it was worth a re-post. Hatiras is giving away a free download of his 'You And Me' bootleg. Grab the download HERE

  Nero - You And Me (Hatiras Bootleg) by Hatiras

Saturday, 13 August 2011

MINUS112 || Gaiser - Some Slip

Another awesome release from Richie Hawtin's seminal label 'minus'. Some Slip by Gaiser is the 112th release from the label and features two original tracks 'Some Slip' and 'Elastrik'. Both superbly crafted minimal techno (as expected). Check our both tracks from youtube below. 

Head over to Beatport to grab a copy -

Or head over to word and sound to pick up the 12" (if you're still collecting or spinning vinyl) - 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

August Music Round Up - no.1

First music round up of the month. Another great mixed bag of music all from our soundcloud group.
Feel free to share any new music with us on the link or check the twitter and facebook links down the right.

  Progressive Thrust - Splinter In Your Mind (DJ Chuggs Remix) by DJ Chuggs

  Soul Dreamer (SoundCloud Edit) OUT NOW ON Soulshift Music by Moffit & Mixman


  QG-Razor ( AcrobanjO Remix) by acrobanjO

  Daft Punk - Techno/Harder (Antichrist Live Remix) by Antichrist

  Factory (FREE download for the moment) by Tron Sepia

  Rhythm & Bass (Original Mix) by PARIS BURNS

  Sun Set (SPLINTrd Original Mix) :free download: by SPLINTrd

  Hack The System - End Game (Spunker Rmx) / Out Soon On Jet Set Trash by Spunker

  SUicide Death Squad - Suicide Bitch by Suicide Death Squad

Black Diamond Bay - Live Slo-Mo House band!

Set of demos from Black Diamond Bay ... live electronic band playing Slo-Mo (Slow Motion) house music. Well worth checking it out and amazing to see this stuff played fully live!

Check them on Facebook Soundcloud & Twitter

  Black Diamond Bay - Demos by Black Diamond Bay

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Steve Angello - How To Fake Your Fans ... pre-recorded live DJ set

Maybe the picture is Steve struggling to get a mix together? .....

Watch the video below to see how Steve Angello (world class, A list DJ) fakes a DJ set live at Dance Valley. He may as well ask the soundman to press play in the background and him just not bother turning up. Personally I learnt to mix with Vinyl, skipped CDJs and now use a wide variety of things to make live sets with controllers, touchOSC and a laptop (opens up a world of possibility) ... you can debate whatever you want on that but I've never tried to make out I'm doing something I'm not.

It's nothing new though really, heard lots of rumours about big name DJs doing the same thing. Shame when so many bedroom DJs will be spinning better!

Monday, 8 August 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || DJ Jamie D "Dirty Filthy Dubby Mix"

Another full on banging mix from DJ Jamie D. Well worth grabbing the free download and cranking up the speakers for some heavy dubstep!

  Dirty Filthy Dubby Mix, Download! by Jamie D

Artist Feature - Luminaire

Usual Monday morning checking through emails and found a message for the blog with some new music and after not hearing any for a while ... we were sent some french house! Not got much to say about Luminaire as his email was literally just 3 soundcloud links (surefire way to get most people to delete as spam I know) but checking it out paid off!

Here's 3 wicked tracks (2 originals and 1 remix) by the English producer and all are FREE DOWNLOAD!

- Bit French download click here
- Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Luminaire Remix) download click here
- Airborne download click here

  Bit French by Luminaire

  Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Luminaire Remix) by Luminaire

  Airborne by Luminaire