Friday, 29 April 2011

Feed Me To The Stars EP || preview of upcoming FEED ME EP

Feed Me has put up a preview set of his new EP 'Feed Me To The Stars' which will be released later this year. I jumped at the chance to check the new stuff out and to be honest I wasn't as excited listening to it as I thought I would be ... just didn't have the impact 'Feed Me's Big Adventure' did, for me at least.

Make no mistake though, the tracks are ace! It's probably just the mega short teaser previews of the tracks that cut off before anything really peaks and gets going. Clever move as it's growing on me as I keep going back to it. Anyway enough waffle from me. Check it out below!

  Feed Me - Feed Me to the Stars EP - forthcoming clips by youfeedme

Foo Fighters - Rope (Deadmau5 Remix)

To go with the already great original single Rope by the Foo Fighters we have a tasty slab of electro-house in the form of a Deadmau5 Remix! Not a massive banger, or melodic and proggy. Just a wicked groove, with a bit of grit and filth to the get people moving. Hit us up on twitter with your thoughts! 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Group Round Up! - no.1

As some of you will have no doubt seen we have a Filled Lungs Soundcloud Group, where you can share new music, gain some comments and have a chance to be featured on the blog.

So here's a roundup of some of the great music shared with us so far. Big mixed bag of stuff from funky, filthy, minimal, techy, dutch, techno to some nasty punk electro styled stuff. If you like the tracks click on the soundcloud players and go follow and support the artists! Sure they'd massively appreciate it.

  Fallen (Original Mix) **OUT NOW ON JUNO** by skelta

 NEUS - Get The Bassline (Feedback Remix) by Feedback

 Neus - Get the bassline (Spunker rmx) by Spunker

 Overlook Hotel - CellarDoor (Nachtstrom Schallplatten coming soon ) by overlookhotel

 dj uniiQue-The mind rAper.Do not fuck with uss EP by dj uniiQue

    Stop the Attack !! by Spunker

 DivKid - Fuck Fidget (Original 'Joker' Mix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by DivKid

 dj uniiQue.-This is MY house-.Comming on my EP on Sugar Shock Records by dj uniiQue

 Divkid - Drop Kick (Dom Kane Remix) **OUT NOW** by Lung Filler Records

 DeadLine by Justanyguy

Thursday, 21 April 2011


To mark the 20th release from Lung Filler Records they have put out a sublime compilation of dark minimal techno tracks. Featuring originals and remixes from Paul D Lewis, Monktec, Electronic Beach, Minimatronik, Ideal Flow, D-Nemesis, Hefty, Mko DJ and Tosi.

All the tracks are un-mixed and out now! But there is also a free 'mixed by Bonn Lewis' version.

Can't recommend buying this enough head to Beatport and grab a copy -

Grab the mixed version free here - Download 

And of course check out the EP in the soundcloud set below and also on the video!

  [LUNG020] minimal : volume one (compilation) *FREE mixed version* by Lung Filler Records

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD ||Code - Guzzlin Champagne (and other goodies from our soundcloud group)

Codes dropped his new tune 'Guzzlin Champagne' into our soundcloud group (go check it out and join us to share new music!) the other day and it's nice and refreshing to hear some disco-house. Check it out below and grab the free download HERE

  Codes - Guzzlin Champagne *Click For DL Link* by CODESHOUSE

Also dropping into our soundcloud group is a track from the dark realms of minimal techno by Overlook Hotel and also and EP sampler from Von Ross (think indie electronica)

  Overlook Hotel - CellarDoor (Nachtstrom Schallplatten coming soon ) by overlookhotel

  Von Ros EP Sample by Von Ros

Don't forget you can share music in our new soundcloud group -

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The House Project - Episode 18 mixed by HausMe

The absolutely awesome podcast The House Project is back again this week with episode 18. HausMe is the DJ in service this week and he mixes up an impressive track list crossing house, electro, fidget and more 'tech' based styles.

Definitely gets into your iTunes and sign up for the podcast, or stalk there soundcloud page like a mad-man. Well worth keeping tabs on all these hot news mixes each week!

Check out this weeks show below, which is up for free DOWNLOAD as always.

  The House Project Episode 018; with Haus Me by The House Project

Dash Berlin featuring Emma Hewitt - Waiting (First State Remix)

Nothing new, but stumbled upon this ( again, after months without listen to it)  while checking some other stuff out on youtube. Wicked groove with lots of techno and house style percussive elements mixed into some top class trance! 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

DJ Madd rework of Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit

Just found this little gem! DJ Madd has reworked the classic Claude Vonstroke tune - Who's Afraid Of Detroit. Pushing the tempo up to 140bpm and giving it a great dubstep groove.

Make no mistake though ... this isn't a rowdy challenge to be the most gut renching nasty distorted track. The groove is smooth, nicely swung and the 808 tom style bass hits give the track a slow paced head bobbing feel. All the original textures and feel from the original track remain in tact and work brilliantly with the tempo pushed up.

Check out DJ Madd over on soundcloud by clicking here, and check out his brilliant re-work below.

  Claude VonStroke - Whos Afraid Of Detroit (DJ Madd 140 version) - free download by djmadd

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Here we have a new free download from one of Sweden's finest exports ... no not Ikea, Abba, or cheese ... ELL-ER. If you haven't heard of Ell-Er head over to his soundcloud page for some free stuff and plenty of groovin' tech-house and techno.

Moving away from the 'techier' side of things, Ell-Er has produced a new deep house track with a slow tempo and spaced out feel. Perfect for late nights and after-hours sets. Grab it free by clicking HERE

 Ell-Er - Arrange it (Original Mix) FREE TRACK! by Ell-Er

Here's a few other tunes from Ell-Er back up into tech-house and techno -

If You Die - Beatport || iTunes

 Ell-Er - If you die (Original Mix) teaser by Ell-Er

Tech - Beatport || iTunes

 Ell-Er - For those of you (Original Mix) Teaser by Ell-Er

Saturday, 9 April 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD! || Live Mix - Spring 2011 by Dom Kane

Dom Kane has uploaded a brand new 'Spring 2011' live mix to delight your house loving ears. It's full of re-edits, mashups and exclusives. As the man himself says "I don't do many mixes" so definitely grab a copy and listen online now!

The mixes fits into the broad genre of house with electro, tech-house and progressive influences. All brilliant mixed into a solid mix perfect for a sunny weekend.

  Dom Kane - Live Mix - Spring 2011 (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DomKane

Grab the free download from the player or direct by clicking HERE

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Artists feature - KANEDUBSTEP

Making some serious waves with a massive amount of new remixes for a range of artists KANEDUBSTEP is proving himself to be a cut above the rest in the world of Dubstep. Reigning in influences from classical music, metal and all out industrial filth he is definitely not one to be missed. 

Don't just take my word for it with growing support from Broken Note hammering his remix of Kablam (originally by DivKid) on his tour and Radio One's Zane Lowe commenting on him as 'Attention Deficit Dubstep' he's definitely catching the attention of the big names too. 

Check out some of his tracks below ... 


Chase & Status - Time (KANEDUBSTEP Remix)

Turboweekend - Drum In The Dark (KANEDUBSTEP Remix)

DivKid - Mumbai (KANEDUBSTEP Remix)


KANEDUBSTEP - Seizure EP (released by Lung Filler Records)

Head over to Beatport, iTunes or your favourite store to pick up his EP. You can follow KANEDUBSTEP here - 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The House Project - Episode 17

Episode 17 of The House Project mix/podcast. This time round mixed by 'Normark'. The mix sits firmly on house tip with lots of feel good summer styles tune that would get girls up onto the dancefloor.

Go give them some love over on there soundcloud page -

 The House Project Episode 017; with Normark by The House Project

Girls That Look Like Skrillex?


Stumbled upon this after Skrillex tweeted about himself on twitter -

Go check it out for some girls that look like the man himself haha!