Saturday, 3 September 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || Klaypex - Loose Dirt LP

Dj Trux introduced me to these guys, and a massive thanks to him for doing so! Klaypex are a Miami based production duo focussing on the harder sounds in dance music. Mixing up electro, dubstep, breaks and some more commercial 'pop' style melodies their album 'Loose Dirt' features a lot sounds for your money ... or rather a lot of cool stuff for FREE!!!

Check out some of the tracks below hosted from the Klaypex soundcloud and grab the full album download (one click download, no sign up or anything) by clicking HERE

 Klaypex - Lights by Klaypex

 Klaypex - Sleep to Dream (Swimming With Dolphins) by Klaypex

 Klaypex - E.T. (Katy Perry) by Klaypex

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