Friday, 23 September 2011

LABEL FEATURE - Jambalay Records

Just wanting to feature a label I think are putting out some great records from a wide range of artists. Check out this stuff below and follow the soundcloud players through to get copies of the tracks!


Jambalay Records is a division of two music companies working together with the first main branch based in Bologna (ITALY) and the most recently established branch in Ga-rankuwa (South Africa).

Jambalay cover a variety of of styles from Deep – Tech – Minimal –Progressive – Soul – Electro and styles of house / dance music.

Our website is

As a growing label we do take new artist and we are more than happy to welcome new producers / remixers to the Jambalay Famly

 Tribal - Jean Agoriia-(Original Promo) by Jambalay SA records

  Nachtaktiv - Electronic Beach ( Remix ) by Jambalay SA records

  Riola (Deep Afro -Original) Promo Cut - Delany Duvall by Jambalay SA records

  Dancing in your arms by Jambalay SA records

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || Heartthrob - Xtrafantasy + interview from Fabric

Here is a new free download of an unreleased track 'Xtrafantasy' by Heartthrob. For more information and a feature length interview head over the Fabric blog by clicking HERE.

Tits & Clits - Labyrinth EP *TEASER*

New preview of the upcoming 'Labyrinth EP' from Tits & Clits. Set your stereos to banging electro and get this turned up!

  Tits & Clits - Labyrinth EP Teaser by Tits & Clits

Saturday, 17 September 2011

September Music Round Up no.1

Feels like ages since I went through our soundcloud group and did a music round up post (probably because it has been a while). So here's the first one for September. Big mix of styles as usual and some free downloads and stuff. Check it out!

  Stop The Attack EP (Teaser) / Out Soon On Jet Set Trash by Spunker

  DJ Chuggs - Monster Killer (Original Mix) [Opto Digital] by DJ Chuggs

  Keepin it Real Dub by Omnium

  The Prodigy - Omen (GAZBURN Remix) by GAZBURN

  Jackiroqs - Inside (Original Mix) [THaF Records] by Jackiroqs

  Sonic-Morning Ibiza by Sonic...

  Michael Knead - Endless Thoughts by Michael Knead

  lucky one - Time by lucky one

  Bounce (Original Mix) by DJ D3VIL

  Michel de Hey-Curly Wurly(Sonic remix) by Sonic...

  Wally Lopez-Welcome Home(Sonic remix) by Sonic...

FREE DOWNLOAD || Paul D Lewis - Soundcheck Sessions - FNOOB 13-09-11

Here's the latest mix in from Paul's "Soundcheck Sessions" on FNOOB radio. As usual the mix if full of dark, gritty and twisted minimal techno sounds. Free download HERE and listen below.

  Paul D Lewis - Soundcheck Sessions - FNOOB 13-09-11 by Paul D Lewis

FREE DOWNLOAD || Matt Minimal - DJ Set September 2011

Exclusive FREE DJ set from Matt Minimal from soundcloud. Click HERE for the free download and listen below.

  Matt Minimal - Dj Set September 2011 [Exclusive Free Download] by Matt Minimal ( OFFICIAL )

Richie Hawtin - DE9 Fragments

To quote Richie himself "The first in a series of fragmented audio edits based upon my live DJ set recordings. Each one will attempt to capture the feeling and direction of the night, giving those who were there a reminder of the events they experienced while giving those who were not present a fragmented distortion of what they missed."

Here's episodes 1 and 2 

Save The Robot - Party People [Funk Farm FF010]

New track to be released on on Funkagenda's "Funk Farm" label. Check the track below and be sure to follow Funkagenda for updates on new releases.

  Save The Robot - Party People [FF010] by Funkagenda

Artist Feature || Marcus Schossow

Having a casual browse through some soundcloud stuff and realised I haven't posted much of Marcus Schossow's stuff. So here we go ...

First up I highly recommend subscribing to his Tone Diary podcasts for some awesome mixes with lots of exclusives tracks. Second, here's some stuff from his page to check out now.

  Marcus Schossow September 2011 Mix by Marcus Schossow

  Marcus Schossow - Swedish Nights [Tone Diary] *Exclusive Preview* [Release date: 26th September] by Marcus Schossow

  Marcus Schossow - Acid Festival Champagne Bitches [Spinnin Records] *Exclusive Preview* by Marcus Schossow

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kem Dust - Robotic Love (Original Mix)

Kem Dust mixes up a fresh mix of techno and tech house style grooves with his new track 'Robotic Love'. Go leave him some comments on the track!

  Robotic Love (Original Mix) by Kem Dust

Michel De Hey - Curly Wurly (Johnny Trotter Remix)

Here we have a new remix from Johnny Trotter. The remix is of 'Curly Wurly' by Michel De Hey. Funky techno vibe perfect for getting the last lot of summer parties going.

  Michel de Hey_Curly Wurly_(Johnny Trotter Remix). by JOHNNYTROTTER

Deetech - Techno Sounds 2011 (DJ Mix)

Plenty of techno and tech house in this mix from Deetech. Feel free to leave some comments and let us know what you think!

  Set Techno Sounds 2011 by Deetech

FREE DOWNLOAD || Monktec - Dark Experiment

The title says it all 'Dark Experiment' is a trippy dark and minimal track. Which is also up for FREE DOWNLOAD! Click HERE to get it.

  Dark Experiment - FREE DOWNLOAD :D by monktec

FREE DOWNLOAD - Nyana Music - Deep Island Fever 38

Episode 38 of Nyana Music's 'Deep Island Fever' podcast. Free download by clicking HERE and listen in full below.

  Deep Island Fever 38 by nyanamusic

FREE DOWNLOAD Kevin Kasparis - Bassment Funk

Just having a look through soundcloud and after receiving some comments on our own label's stuff (Lung Filler Records if you want to check us out) from Kevin I headed over to check out his stuff. I was happily surprised with the track 'Bassment Funk' and also his newest track 'El Ritmo'. For a bedroom producer who's only lent his hand to music for a few months his tracks are great. So grab the free downloads of the tracks below and check out his tracks on the players.

For those that like tagging everything think, house and deep tech.

Bassment Funk FREE DOWNLOAD click here
El Ritmo FREE DOWNLOAD click here

  Kevin Kasparis - Bassment Funk by Kevin Kasparis

  Kevin Kasparis - El ritmo - VERY EXPERIMENTAL by Kevin Kasparis

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ell-Er Mix Sessions - Love 4 Preview.

A new from Ell-Er (which is nothing too new these days, lots of great mixes going up weekly). This time round a preview of what's to come with Love 4. Check it out below and go follow him on mixcloud to stay up to date.

FREE DOWNLOAD || Mark Kane - Viva La Tech Radio 050

We're back again with more free downloads! This time round we have a truly awesome tech house mix from Mark Kane. This mix was aired on Viva La Tech Radio a few days ago and is now up on Mark's soundcloud for free download. So click HERE for the free download and listen below. Enjoy!

  Viva La Tech Radio 050 (01 September 2011) feat. Mark Kane by markkane

Saturday, 3 September 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || DJ Trux - Dubstep & DnB Mix

This is Dj Trux making a second attempt at mixing dubstep and dnb. Great mix featuring some top tracks! One little mistake as he points out himself with a comment on the track but great mixing none the less. Personally I appreciate the honesty and like the feel of a live recording. Check it out below and grab the download HERE

 Set 2nd Shot @ Dubstep n DNB mixing - Mixed live by Dj Trux - DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE by djtrux

FREE DOWNLOAD || Klaypex - Loose Dirt LP

Dj Trux introduced me to these guys, and a massive thanks to him for doing so! Klaypex are a Miami based production duo focussing on the harder sounds in dance music. Mixing up electro, dubstep, breaks and some more commercial 'pop' style melodies their album 'Loose Dirt' features a lot sounds for your money ... or rather a lot of cool stuff for FREE!!!

Check out some of the tracks below hosted from the Klaypex soundcloud and grab the full album download (one click download, no sign up or anything) by clicking HERE

 Klaypex - Lights by Klaypex

 Klaypex - Sleep to Dream (Swimming With Dolphins) by Klaypex

 Klaypex - E.T. (Katy Perry) by Klaypex