Sunday, 11 September 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD Kevin Kasparis - Bassment Funk

Just having a look through soundcloud and after receiving some comments on our own label's stuff (Lung Filler Records if you want to check us out) from Kevin I headed over to check out his stuff. I was happily surprised with the track 'Bassment Funk' and also his newest track 'El Ritmo'. For a bedroom producer who's only lent his hand to music for a few months his tracks are great. So grab the free downloads of the tracks below and check out his tracks on the players.

For those that like tagging everything think, house and deep tech.

Bassment Funk FREE DOWNLOAD click here
El Ritmo FREE DOWNLOAD click here

  Kevin Kasparis - Bassment Funk by Kevin Kasparis

  Kevin Kasparis - El ritmo - VERY EXPERIMENTAL by Kevin Kasparis

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