Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dj Mixes from Jamie D ... all free download!

Few mixes for you here by Dj Jamie D from Australia, first up is a mix of dirty dubstep followed by two electro mixes. All free download too!

Check out Jamie here - Soundcloud || Facebook || Youtube
Download the mixes here Dubstep Mix || Electro Mix 1 || Electro Mix 2 

  Jamie D Vs INTOX - Dirty Dubstep Mix by Jamie D

  First Mix Of 2011 Electro House - Jamie D by Jamie D

  2nd Mix Of 2011 Electro House - Jamie D by Jamie D

Joe Safe - Commit || OUT NOW

Got sent this beautiful track by Joe Safe through our email submissions recently and had to get a post up. Commit is a emotive, electronic house track. Mixing ambient styles with lo fi and gritty sounds across a melodic bed of sounds as soft and crunchy drums drive through the mix.

Lots of stuff to get into with this one so check it out below and grab the track from Juno if you like it!

  Joe Safe - Commit (Out Now Vinyl Related Records) by Joe Safe

Saturday, 28 May 2011

May music round up no.5

Again lots of top quality music coming into our soundcloud group (feel free to drop some of your own tracks in there too). Here's a pick of some of our favourites from the group.

  Hot Mess vs Gay Dentists (BeatfreaK ReSmash) by BeatfreaKMedia

  F.O.O.L - Invasion (Antichrist Remix) by Antichrist

 January Nights - Billi Beat (Original Mix) by Animals Muziq Recordings

 Shazza-Sweet Sounds by SHAZZA

 Livin'on air preview OUT ON THE 1ST OF JUNE ON JUNO/BEATPORT by Seb Marx Gush Records

  hackneyfeva and zacgonnadosomethings release preview out now on JUNO/BEATPORT by Seb Marx Gush Records

  Honka - One Man by Honka

  Heart Fusion - Obsessions (P7R013EP) Out 11/07/2011 by Project 7 Records

  DivKid - Zombie (Feedback Remix) - OUT NOW! by Feedback

Fendler - 2011 EP *OUT NOW* Lung Filler Records

OUT NOW on Lung Filler Records is the new EP from Fendler. Features the original track '2011' with extended and radio mixes plus remixes from Electronic Beach and P-Styles.

Perfect way to kick off a summer set with lush sounds, developing percussion and a mix of a laid back sense of space in the mix with a great driving beat. Definitely not one to miss, especially is breaking the hype charts and genres charts on is something to go by.

GRAB THE TRACKS from - Beatport or iTunes

 [LUNG024] Fendler - 2011 ***OUT NOW *** by Lung Filler Records

Monday, 23 May 2011

Artist Feature || Grubby (with free download)

Bio - "known mostly for dirty basslines, eclectic style, great music selection, and the ability to work a crowd, in the mid 2000s quickly made me known in Halifax (Canada) as 'Juicetank', with regular headlining sets at Reflections Cabaret, Embassy, Club 1668, Coconut Grove and The Marquee."

Bio aside the bass is definitely pumping. Solo dubstep producer, co-producer with Matty Sims in new bass/dubstep project Squaresight and producer for rapper Young Feller. It's easy to see Grubby is keeping himself busy. 

Check out the free download of his new mix set below or direct download HERE. Some massive tunes from the likes of Calvertron, Bare, Torqux & Twist, Flux Pavillion, Feed Me and many more! 

Check out official remix for DivKid's 'DropKick' and the up-coming track preview 'Banana' below. 
Finally catch grubby over at these sites - Twitter  Soundcloud

  Grubby - May DJ Mix by GRUBBY_MUSIC

  DivKid - Drop Kick (Grubby Remix) *OUT NOW @ BEATPORT* by GRUBBY_MUSIC

  Banana (Preview) by GRUBBY_MUSIC

Friday, 20 May 2011

Jackiroqs - Theatre Of Mind EP

Currently unsigned (wink wink, labels go check him out) the Theatre Of Mind EP by Jackiroqs featuring 3 tracks taking in a range of electronic influences. It's pretty rooted in electro with gritty and fizzy production that leans slightly towards a more lo fi 'electro-trash' influence. I think my favourite track is Open My Eyes ... purely the drums punching through the mix stronger.

Feel free to let us know what you think ... comments, twitter etc.

  Jackiroqs - Theatre of Mind Ep by Jackiroqs

May Music Round Up no. 4

A massive amount of new tracks coming through our soundcloud group here's another round up of the tracks. Don't forget to catch us on twitter and facebook.

  Theee ThatBoyKoesMakeYouBounce Tape by koesd

  Maldito-Friendly Fire by Maldito

  Dead Cat Bounce ft. A Girl & A Gun - Deadhouse (Feedback Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Feedback

Steven Forest - Robotic Dancing

Just saw this crop up on our soundcloud dashboard. Robotic Dancing by Steven Forest. Nice minimal techno track check it out.

  Steven Forést - Robotic Dancing ( Originalmix, Mai 2011, MP3 [ 320 kbps ] ) Unmastered by Steven Forést

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

May Music Round Up no. 3

I'm tired, hungry and feel like I have a 'coffee induced' headache (definitely a headache, not 100% the coffees fault though). Enough babble ... another collection of great tracks shared in our soundcloud group. Big mixed bag of genres again some free downloads, sets, remixes, competition entries, previews new originals. Check it out.

Don't forget you can hit us up on Facebook and Twitter

  Against Time - Revenge (Spunker Rmx) unmixed/unmastered by Spunker

  Democracy Live by jimrxn

  Haezer - Anarchy! (Falkirk Remix) by Falkirk

  dj uniiQue presents_Mr violence_Original mix_Tainted Buddah Records_ by dj uniiQue

  Spunker - Fucked Communication by Spunker

  Seismic Warfare by Droplitz

  Viro & Rob Analyze - Red Velvet (Feedback Remix) PREVIEW by Feedback

  Against Time - Revenge ( Smooth Chad Remix ) DEMO Remix Contest by smoothchad

  dj uniiQue_Advancing thru the groove_Original mix_unsigned_1 day download_ by dj uniiQue

 Andy Hardie, DJ Chuggs & Progressive Thrust - Untitled Chords (Original Mix) by DJ Chuggs

 DJ Chuggs - Itch (Mix 2) by DJ Chuggs

  DJ Chuggs - Factory (Original Mix) by DJ Chuggs

  Spunker Loves Trashbags // Exclusive Mix by Spunker

  02 Electronic Beach - Northern Lights (Mko Dj Remix) by Lung Filler Records

  Foreign Beggars - Still Getting It (Feat. Skrillex) (Smooth Chad Edit) by smoothchad

  Hystericmaniak - Umano (Overlookhotel remix preview) by overlookhotel

  Overlook hotel - vortex preview (192 kbps) by overlookhotel

  Bass Residue - Abduction (P7R010EP) Out 22/06/2011 by Project 7 Records

  Macca - All In Vain (P7R005EP) - Out 20/06/2011 by Project 7 Records

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cut La Roc - Make Some Noise

Great to hear some straight up old school flavoured house music. 'Make Some Noise' by Cut La Roc is ticking all the right boxes. Check it below!

  Cut La Roc 'Make Some Noise' by Cut La Roc

Just in case you missed some of the new remixes from Cut La Roc ... or you just don't know who he is - get on these too!

  Matta 'Eyes' Cut La Roc 'Amazon' Remix by Cut La Roc

  Cut La Roc 'Bugle' by Cut La Roc

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

Currently turning lots of heads ... Feed Me is back with a new remix of 'Call Your Girlfriend' by Robyn. The original was a well written and produced electronic pop track (just as you would expect from Robyn) but this dubstep remix takes it to a whole new level.

  Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) by robyn

Saturday, 7 May 2011

May music round up 2

As some of you will know by now we have a soundcloud group (click to view it), where people can share new music. We'll be rounding up the music that is approved in the group and putting them in a new post every now and then. So here's the second one this month ...

Another mixed bag of dubstep, noisey electro, ambient, electronica, minimal and more. Something for everyone really. So check them out below and if you like the tracks click the soundcloud players and head over to the artists page to check them out.

  Headshot by DJ Vous

  A Pavlovian Sentimental by DJ em eff

  Monktec - Broken Moves (Paul D Lewis Remix) - OUT NOW by Paul D Lewis

  I Hear Noises (Original Mix) - OUT NOW by Paul D Lewis

  DPPLGNGRS - Gunslinger (Skelta Peow Peow Remix) by skelta

  Justin bieber is dead (AcrobanjO Remix ) by acrobanjO

  The wasp groove.unsigned by dj uniiQue

  Overlook Hotel - Dark Tech podcast on may 2 2011 (FREE DOWNLOAD) by overlookhotel

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD || Dr. Christ 'Eargasm' Dubstep mix

Free download of a new dubstep mix from Dr. Christ. Nice mix of wobble, filth, stutters, epic sounds and even some melodic piano at one point! Grab the free download by clicking HERE and don't forget to head to Dr. Christ's soundcloud page to check out more of his stuff!

  Eargasm >>> Tracklist? See Description! by █ + Dr. Christ + █

FREE DOWNLOAD || Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (Matt Caldwell Mix)

Great mix of electro and trance here from Matt Caldwell. Taking on a bootleg remix of the classic 'Discopolis' by Lifelike & Kris Menace. Grab the free download by clicking HERE.

  Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (Matt Caldwell Mix) **NOW FREE DL** by Matt Caldwell

May group roundup - no. 1

Bit late with this post as our soundcloud group is filling up fast! But ...
Another mixed bag of hot new tracks all from our soundcloud group -
Share your new music here!

Ranging from 80s inspired disco tinged electro, techno, minimal, progressive, DnB and all sorts in between we're getting in some great music. Check out some of the tracks below and head over to the artists page (click the soundcloud players) to get hold of them directly.

 Alan Silvestry - Robot Romp (Antichrist Remix) by Antichrist

 DJ Chuggs - Don't Believe A Thing (Original Mix) [Opto Records] by DJ Chuggs

 DJ Chuggs - Counter (Original Mix) [Digital Night Music] by DJ Chuggs

 First And Last (Mastered) by davidbowers

 Move Bitch (DJ Vous and N.E. TEMPO Remix) by DJ Vous

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